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Hi, I’m theSTEMinista – welcome to my new blog As this is my first post, there are a few points I want to address. Why STEMpowerment? Why me? Why now? And what is STEM and STEMpowerment?

STEM is short for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEMpowerment means a couple things to me – it can mean empowering YOU in STEM, or it can be using STEM to empower yourself or others.

To get to the point (more on this in future posts), we need more STEM in America and in the world. For a number of reasons, we’re lacking in encouraging science, technology, engineering, and math careers – especially to some groups of minorities. I want to show today’s students that STEM educations and careers are a viable (even great!) option. I want to provide a support network to those currently in STEM. Are you involved in STEM? Or thinking about pursuing STEM? If so, welcome!! Please join me in my journey of STEMpowerment.

I have been active in local STEM mentoring at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels for years. I’ve spoken to future scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, as well as those established in their careers. I’ve walked the path of STEM professions myself (more about that later too!), and I’ve helped others in their journey. Encouraging others through STEMpowerment is something I’m passionate about! Every year, I go to more and more STEM outreach events, and at most events, I address similar questions, problems, and uncertainties. My goal in this website is to develop a comprehensive, welcoming, and empowering community to talk about STEM and whether it’s right for you.

Here are some features I am hoping to include in regular updates:

  • Cool careers – this is what I get asked to talk about most frequently at outreach events. I want to show you the different types of careers, industries, and lifestyles you can have through STEM. The best way to do that is by highlighting real people. I’ll start with people I know, but I’d love to hear suggestions from readers!
  • #ThisisMYstem – as you will see in Cool Careers, STEM isn’t always what you think it is. There is no ‘average’ day for a STEM professional. #ThisisMYstem will show the many faces of a STEM career through my eyes. Join me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get a peek at my everyday life
  • Big questions – everyone has questions about STEM. Whether it’s students asking about how to prepare for college, to college students looking for their first job, to established professionals facing a new problem at work. We’ll look at a variety of questions. I’ll give you my insight, but I’d love to hear your opinions as well!
  • STEM in the news – cool new discoveries are made every day. I’ll highlight just a few of them, and we can talk about what they mean
  • Big Accomplishment Fridays – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are hard! I’d like to take Fridays reflect on the week, and celebrate our accomplishments!

What do you think? Am I missing anything? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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