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STEM: Create Your Own Career Path

CareerPathIt’s been a busy couple of weeks at my house. It’s hard to say for sure, but I think the biggest thing going on at home has been that my son started kindergarten last week (does that make me old?!?), and my daughter started at a new preschool. As such, there has been much discussion at home about how grown up STEMboy is, and what he thinks the future holds.

If you ask him what he wants to be, his answer alternates almost daily, between:

  1. Paleontologist
  2. Artist

Obviously, LOL. Two professions I would never compare with each other – but the boy loves art projects, and the boy loves dinosaurs. For awhile, his favorite show was Dinosaur Train.

We were driving to visit a relative the other day, and STEMboy wanted to play a guessing game (a common occurrence in our family).

STEMboy: “Mom, I’m thinking of an island. Guess which one!”

Me: “uhhhhhh…..Mackinac Island?”

STEMboy: “No”

Me: “Hawaii?”

STEMboy: “No”

Me: “Seriously?!? I have to guess any island in the whole world? I need a hint.”

STEMboy: “It’s really old.”

Me: (jaw drops to the floor. I know immediately what he’s thinking, but can’t believe he knows what he’s thinking) “Uhhhhh….Pangea?”

STEMboy: “YES!!! That’s it!!! How did you know that, mom?!?”

Me: (over my husband’s laughter) “I’m a scientist, STEMboy. How do YOU know that?!? Do you know what Pangea is?”

STEMboy: “Of course mom – It’s the island that all the land used to be in a long time ago. It was on Dinosaur Train”

Which of course led to the discussion of how continents shifted, and why that’s relevant to finding dinosaur bones.

Ahhh……moments like this send my heart aflutter. I love seeing my four year old independently learning about science (even if it is from TV), and sharing his love of science with us and others. If he grows up to be a paleontologist, I already know that he will genuinely love his job. If he grows up to be an artist, I’m sure he’ll love that too and of course I’ll support him in that endeavor as well. I can’t wait to see what he will become, but as a parent, my biggest concern is that whatever he does make him happy.

Aside from dinosaurs, is there a STEM-related message in here?

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

It’s coming – but another story first….For now, just remember that STEMboy changes his mind daily about what he wants to be when he grows up.


Another reason for all the recent commotion in my house is that my husband, Mr.SciGuy left his job in automotive engineering back in the spring to pursue a new career. The summer has been full of licensing exams, training trips, and adjusting to a completely different schedule for SciGuy.

So what led to the change, and why?

If you haven’t already read all my previous posts, automotive engineering is a very lucrative career. It has great pay, good benefits, and job stability.


It’s also a very high-stress job. The timelines are tight, and a single mistake can cost thousands, millions, or even billions of dollars. SciGuy was in a job where every day, he had to call and yell at people, make threats, and try to fix emergencies he didn’t cause.

Ugh – can you imagine? It’s an important job, but it wears on you.

Over time, SciGuy came to realize that this wasn’t the job he wanted to do the rest of his life. He wanted to be having positive interactions with people every day. He wanted to make peoples’ days better, not worse, and he wanted to make a difference in the community where we live.

After a lot (seriously, a LOT) of research, thinking, and planning, he decided to pursue a dream that’s been rolling around in his head for over a decade. SciGuy submitted his resignation to his high-paying automotive job to pursue a new career in financial advising at Edward Jones.

A lot of family and friends seemed to be completely baffled by the change at first, but it makes perfect sense to me.

SciGuy has always loved money and money management (if you know him, ask about his famous amortization Excel worksheets or the cost of money over time), working with people one-on-one, and helping others.

As a kid, one of his nicknames was “Alex P Keaton”. (If you are young and missed the magic of 1980’s television, I’m sorry for your loss).

Lastly, he has an incredibly strong math and research background thanks to his engineering degree (foreshadowing: can you see where we’re going here??). While he had no direct experience working in finance, the transition so far has been incredibly smooth because he understands that math, and has a lot of experience in learning to learn challenging concepts.


So how does this apply to you?


If you think you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, but aren’t 110% sure, the versatility of a STEM degree can ensure your success, whether you stay in your planned career path, or not. A STEM degree gives you so many options and so many resources. You can go anywhere, and you can do anything.

Even if you decide ten years into your career that you want to do something completely different than what you’ve always done, a STEM background can make the transition simple and quick (and now I can say for sure to trust me and SciGuy on that!).

That’s HUGE – I can’t emphasize enough how important it is. A lot can change over the course of a decade or even over the time it takes to get your degree. As you gain more educational experience, work experience, and life experience, you’ll better appreciate what you want, what you don’t want, and what really makes you happy. In the big picture, being happy is what matters.

You can find a career that works perfectly for you, or you can write your own job description. Having a job that you find fulfilling will make waking up and going to work every day tolerable – even fun! With a STEM education, you can do anything, chase any dream, and create your own path in life!

Where do you think your path will take you?


Big Accomplishment Friday – May 22, 2015

I love taking pictures of trees <3

I love taking pictures of trees <3

OMG you guys!!! It’s almost time for a loooooooong weekend! Who has two thumbs and is ready for the weekend??


This girl!!


For those of us in America, if you get a chance this Memorial Day weekend, thank a soldier or the family member of a soldier for their service to our country, and take a moment to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. If you want to do more, consider supporting a veterans organization.

One organization I personally support, both financially and in person, is Team RWB. They do great work empowering servicemen and women, and helping them form meaningful relationships with the civilian population through physical, social, and volunteering events. Did you catch the ‘civilian’ part? They WANT everyday people like you and me to be involved personally. Team RWB does great work, and if you’re at all interested, you should really check them out (and FYI, nobody asked me to make that pitch – this is just an organization I truly, whole-heartedly believe in).

Ok – let me get off my soapbox now.

Can I talk about some other HUGE accomplishment Friday news?

It’s not about me – it’s about my husband – Mr. SciGuy. SciGuy has a degree in mechanical engineering and has worked in the auto industry for pretty much his whole career. The auto industry pays pretty good money, and Mr. SciGuy’s salary was able to cover the bills while I went through grad school and started my own career.

BUT – Mr. SciGuy wasn’t really satisfied with his career – he had a good job, but he wanted his dream job. He wanted to find something that left him more personally satisfied, but he had to balance that with the need to take care of the family while I finished school and started my career. I can’t say enough how lucky I am to have someone willing to make that sacrifice while I pursued my dream career.

Once my career began to stabilize, SciGuy started thinking about what he wanted to do in his career. He wanted a job where he could have positive interactions with people on a daily basis, and where he can make a meaningful positive impact in people’s lives (that’s pretty much a dream job for everyone, right?). After a lot of thinking and research and discussion, he decided he wanted to make the switch to the finance industry and become a financial advisor with Edward Jones. I couldn’t be happier with his decision.

The interview process was no joke – Edward Jones is consistently rated as one of the top companies to work for in America, and they only hire the very best. I’m proud to say Mr. SciGuy is pretty much THE best (obviously – I married him, right?!? LOL). After weeks (literally!!) of interviewing, SciGuy was officially hired, and is now well on his way through the training process to become a financial planner.

This will be a big adjustment to both of us as he switches industries completely and transitions to a different daily routine, but I am thrilled that he is taking time for himself to pursue his dreams. So this week, the credit, accomplishment, and recognition goes to him. I am so, so proud of SciGuy, and I look forward to his success in his new career.


–the STEMinista


P.S. I can’t have accomplishment Friday without recognizing all of you, too! The support I’ve gotten on Twitter and Facebook this week is wonderful, empowering, and uplifting. Thanks to all of you who have followed and liked me, and an even bigger thanks to those who have shared my pages/posts, left comments, and just been generally awesome. We have big accomplishments ahead of us, my friends! Tell me about what kind of accomplishments you had this week!

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