I have so many different ideas for STEMpowering products to share with you, but right now my focus is on developing quality content.  Over time, as I figure things out here, I’ll hopefully figure out how to bring you some fantastic products.  In the meantime, here are a couple of books that I absolutely love and highly recommend.  (note – clicking these links will send you to

For the young STEMlings: “Rosie Revere, Engineer” by Andrea Beaty

My sister got this book for my kids as a Christmas present this year, and it is fantastic!  It stars a creative girl with a dream – who works hard, to reach her goal, even after failing several times.  She also has a great role model to look up to!

[amazon asin=1419708457&template=iframe image]

For the bigger STEM readers: “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg

Second, is a book which came to me highly recommended, and which I would say was career altering for me to read. It talks about so many aspects of being a woman and a leader in the workplace, and is very encouraging and inspiring.  Gentlemen, you might get some good tidbits out of this too.  I’ll work on finding some good gender-neutral products for you as well.

[amazon asin=0385349947&template=iframe image]

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