Please bear with me as I develop this list of resources – there are so many things available online, and STEM is a very broad category.  We’ll work together to make sure the websites listed here are high quality, and helpful to you.

For Students

  • I’m sure you’ve heard of First Robotics – if you haven’t, check it out – it’s like the high school Olympics of all things robot
  • Love creating your own inventions or putting your own twist on things?  Check out Maker Faire – a gathering of people doing innovative things
  • Interested in space?  Create a membership at the STEM Network, a hub for all things space!
  • Want to learn the latest in STEM news from a smartypants girl with a great sense of humor?  Check out theSTEMulus!

For Teachers and Parents:

STEM statistics

Engineering Resources

I’d like to keep this list well-curated and useful to you!  Please notify me if any of the links are broken, or if you have an online resource you’d like to share!




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