Big Accomplishments Friday – April 17, 2015

starsI’m a little late in posting this today, but my big accomplishment for the week is…..

setting  up this blog!

The whole concept of this blog is so exciting to me – I wish a resource like this (or what I envision this to be) was available to me in school and the very early stages of my career.  I have so many ideas I want to implement, but I am completely new to the blog world.  SO – please bear with me as I figure out this blogging thing, and please let me know what would make this website a more valuable resource to you.

In smaller accomplishments, I am super excited about my new dishwasher.  We recently moved to a new house, and it needs a LOT of work.  My husband, Mr. SciGuy, is also an engineer.  He uninstalled our old dishwasher and installed our new dishwasher in a snap.  We now have a kitchen full of nice, new, functional appliances – YAY, and thanks to Mr. SciGuy!

The nasty dishwasher is gone – thanks Mr. SciGuy!

Stay tuned for next week’s Big Accomplishments Friday – next week is a big week for me at work!


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