Big Accomplishment Friday – May 1, 2015

Dinner with a view

Dinner with a view


Ladies and gentlemen of STEM, it’s FRIDAY! We’ve made it through another work week. For me, this week wasn’t as high-profile as last week, but it was still pretty busy. On the work front, a graduate student presented her Master’s thesis work, and another one had a big step forward in some of her experiments – all good things! I also made it through a couple of big/tedious projects on my task list. I’ll never be all the way caught up (note to self: that deserves its own post sometime) but it was nice to take a few hours at a time to focus on finishing one big task.

On the blog front, some readers who aren’t my immediate family (Hi Mom, Dad, sisters, and SciGuy) came here to check things out. Welcome to all of you! I’m so glad you took a few minutes out of your day to stop by and visit. Please feel free to send me suggestions – I want to make this a valuable resource for you. I’m hoping as I develop relevant content and figure out some formatting issues, you’ll keep checking back, and maybe even share this site with your friends.  Sometime next week, we might also have a special guest talk about the awesome experiences she got to have this week because of her STEM career.  If you have a cool or unique STEM-enabled experience, I’d love to have you share it with our readers!

The SciGuy and I also spent some time figuring out Google Hangouts On Air this week. My biggest motivation in writing this blog was to provide career perspectives from different people in STEM to help you, my brilliant readers, figure out where you fit in that picture, or to provide you support and encouragement in your current job. I haven’t done that yet, and it’s making me crazy! I want to interview people in video format so it’s more personable than a written article, but I’ll give you a written article to refer to also. So far, we’ve figured everything out on the software side, now I just need to get access to a better webcam. I am in STEM, but everything in the world of blogging is all brand new to me.

We built a lake!

We built a lake!

For those of you who live in Michigan (or the north in general), can we talk about someone else who had a big accomplishment this week? Mother Nature. She got the memo that it is spring, and has made our weather absolutely beautiful. If you’re in the south and you’ve been enjoying spring for months, you should invite me on an all-expenses-paid visit to see you in one of our cold months. My kids, the junior STEMs love this weather as much as me, and insisted on going to dinner at the beach, with ice cream for dessert tonight. I’d be a bad mom if I didn’t deliver, right? I’m sure I’ll say this a million times in the future, but I love that my STEM job gives me the flexibility to have these date nights with my kids.

Want to know what I love more? I love watching how little kids develop, and learn through playing. They’re doing science all the time, without ever realizing that what they’re doing involves some big thought processes. One of their favorite beach games to play is ‘build a lake’. Basically, I (or the Sci Guy) dig a little hole near the water. Then, we pour buckets of water into the hole, and watch how the water eventually digs itself a channel back to the lake. Last year playing this game, we talked about erosion, and how the strong flow of the water can wash out the sand. Today, we experimented with putting flags (sticks), islands (sand piles), rocks, and grass balls in the lake, and seeing what would get washed away by the water and what wouldn’t. Great fun was had by all, and I’m looking forward to many more afternoons like this throughout the summer – starting with tomorrow!

I hope you guys had a great week too, and get a chance to see something beautiful outside this weekend! Let me know – what were your accomplishments this week? What do you look forward to this weekend?


–the STEMinista

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