Big Accomplishment Friday – May 8, 2015

accomplishment friday 050715Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen of STEM – the weekend is almost upon us!

Around here, Friday is the day we talk about our accomplishments and celebrate each other.

IMG_5157Yesterday was the highlight of my week in the real world! I spent the morning doing an outreach program at a local middle school. At this particular school, beginning in 6th grade and running through 8th grade, each student maintains a portfolio which shows their progression in academic, personal development, and teamwork pursuits. At the end of 8th grade, professionals from the local community (that’s me!) come in to do one-on-one interviews with them. The students get to showcase their accomplishments, and talk about their future goals and aspirations.

IMG_5192It was invigorating getting the opportunity to talk to them – every student I spoke to had their own interests and excelled in their own individual way. It made me wonder how I would have presented myself in 8th grade, and if an activity like that would have given me more self-confidence since I was such a brainiac geek. Some of the students also had insightful feedback about the problems middle schoolers face in STEM education and in education overall.

IMG_5191After a delicious lunch with some fabulous ladies, I took the rest of the afternoon off to take the kids to the zoo. Just like I mentioned last week, kids learn through play, and it’s important to me to give them fun, easygoing, learning opportunities. I’ve included some pictures from our adventure for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_5190You’ll notice there aren’t a ton of pictures of the traditional zoo sights. My bad. My natural instinct is to grab a kid and point at the really cool sights when I see something cool, rather than grab my camera. I’m trying to be more conscientious about taking pictures to share with you, but I’m not going to try that hard.  My bigger priority is the experience with the kids. Sorrynotsorry, Internet.

(↑↑↑)Did you guys also notice the the youtube video right there (↑↑↑)?? I’m suuuuper excited to finally have that process up and running. I can’t wait to start bringing you content from other people in real-life STEM jobs. They can talk about their perspectives so much more effectively than I can repeat it. I hope next week I’ll have another really great update for you on the video portion of this website.

Seal?  Mermaid?  You be the judge...

Seal? Mermaid? You be the judge…

This week, I dipped my toes a bit into the social media pond, and I’d like to thank everyone on twitter who followed me, shared or liked my posts, and came to visit. I’m so excited to have a few ‘virtual’ connections. Welcome to all of you, I’m so glad you’re here, and I’d love to hear more about you. What is your involvement in STEM? What brought you to the site? What kind of content are you interested in seeing?

That’s all from me for now, have a great Friday, stay brilliant, and enjoy your weekend!


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