Big Accomplishment Friday – May 15, 2015

Cadillac square - got routed into a detour - love going by this gorgeous building!

Cadillac square – got routed into a detour – love going by this gorgeous building!

If you ever ask my husband, he will tell you I am perpetually late – to everything.  All.The.Time.

I disagree…I can think of lots of occasions (at least three) where I’ve been punctual, and I’m really good at coming up with excuses for the rest of the time.

Here we are, late on Friday night, and I’m just getting the chance to sit down to talk about the week with you – but remember how early I posted last Friday?  I figure it’ll still be Friday on the West coast by the time I finish tonight, so that’s ok.  It’s close enough to punctual in my book.

I kind of feel like a broken record, telling you guys and gals that every week is great and productive.  Guess what?  That happens when you have an awesome job you love!  Every week is about making progress, and going to work is almost as great as coming home from work.  Although coming home is pretty fun – I have a great time hanging out with the STEMboy and juniorSTEMinista:

Playing with rocks // Learning by play // Learning rocks!

Playing with rocks // Learning by play // Learning rocks!

Want to know what one of the highlights of my day is, every day?  I love, love, LOVE checking on my twitter (, or my facebook (, or my instagram ( or my wordpress (you’re here now!) and seeing that all of you are stopping by, more and more consistently. I love you gals and guys!! My sister tells me that I write just like I talk, and I am thrilled that all of you are interested in ‘hearing’ what I have to say.  More importantly, I hope that it brings you useful information, or encouragement, or empowerment in your day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had a few big milestones at work this week.  The first one isn’t mine to claim at all – but it made my week!  A student in the lab figured out a fractal coding project in autoCAD.  Sounds simple, but totally isn’t.  Coding in autoCAD is a little different than coding in other languages, and there was a lot of geometry and trigonometry involved for her to figure out the positions and angles of successive layers of branches.  Something that took me an afternoon in Matlab took quite a while longer to replicate in autoCAD, in great part due to learning their coding methods.  There are still many, many more steps in that project, but it’s good to celebrate all the little milestones along the way.  I made a lot of progress in several other projects this week, and have a ton of things in the ‘exciting news’ pipeline.  But I’m going to keep that quiet for now – you’ll hear about them soon!

Look!  It's a fractal! In autoCAD!

Look! It’s a fractal! In autoCAD!

This afternoon, I submitted the first couple of documents to begin the application process to get promoted from ‘assistant professor’ to ‘associate professor’.  Don’t get too excited, though.  If I get it, it won’t be active until August — of 2016!! And just like the fractal project, there are SO MANY steps to go through to get to that point.   If any senior academics stopping by want to proofread my professional record or personal statement, feel free to offer – haha!  And speaking of ‘haha’ – I was so impressed with how hilarious I was this morning:

My three COOLEST friends in STEM LOL (get it?  liquid nitrogen is -321F!!)

My three COOLEST friends in STEM LOL (get it? liquid nitrogen is -321F!!)

Last week, I was really excited to tell you that I got the video updates figured out, and was set to start STEM job interviews.  Then I got distracted.

Have you guys seen Finding Nemo?  You know the fish Dory?  And her attention span?  That’s me sometimes…  It works out in my job a lot of the time because I switch from task to task really well and am pretty good at handling interruptions.  But sometimes I get distracted.  The key to success is to find a way to turn your ‘shortcomings’ to an advantage.  Hey – that’s actually good – write that one down…we’ll revisit that in the future

Getting back to my story – I got the video setup, but then I noticed lots of you were stopping by the ‘shop’ section.  So I got a little distracted trying to set that up.  Because as the STEMinista, obviously I love shopping, and I want to get you guys a whole bunch of really cool, really empowering, really lovely things.  But getting a store setup was far more of a process than I expected.  So, it’s in progress now.  And maybe NEXT week, I’ll have more updates for you on the cool jobs, and on the store. For now, you get a Friday update, and my eternal gratitude to you for visiting.

That’s it for me for now – I’m still on track to meet my “Friday” deadline – for those of you on the West Coast.    How was your week?  Did you have any big accomplishments?  Let me know – I’d love to celebrate with you!


PS – since this is a STEM site, and we’re all a little nerdy, can we talk for a moment how the dates this week are all palindromes?  How lovely!

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